we love shower curtains.

Why? Because at six feet square, a  shower curtain is one of the largest items on display in your home. Yet as design trends and tastes have advanced, the shower curtain has been overlooked. A shower curtain is the dominant visual element in any bathroom, and an opportunity to display something beautiful and fresh.

Our curtains are inspired by contemporary art and minimal design, and pay equal mind to creating a functional, usable product. Clean, washable, beautiful, and sustainable, our shower curtains work. They create a minimal aesthetic since they don't require a liner. They are antimicrobial, sturdy, and drape like tapestry. Their quality and washability makes them sustainable — no more tossing a shower curtain or liner every few months because it's full of mildew.

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Our exclusive fabric has the look and feel of textured cloth, but wicks away water like an umbrella. Fully resistant to both water and mildew, it can be used with or without a liner. Iron it if it gets wrinkled, machine wash it if it gets dirty. It is durable, elegant, and unlike any shower curtain you've owned before.

At 150 gsm (grams per square meter) our shower curtains are almost double the weight of most polyester shower curtains. That means they are more durable and longer lasting, drape like heavy cloth (not a flimsy windbreaker), and are still light and airy enough to let the sunshine in.


“We created the product we wanted to buy, but couldn't find”

After throwing out yet another shower curtain that was covered in mildew, our founders, Chuck and Ellen, went online to buy a new one. Hours later, they still couldn’t find the right thing. The designs were outdated or novelty. The products were poorly crafted and cheap, or exorbitantly priced and required a plastic liner.

They decided to create the product they couldn’t find: a beautiful shower curtain that didn't require a liner, and was washable, ironable, and anti-microbial. One year later, Bathage was born. 

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bathage is a proud member of 1% for the planet

1% for the Planet is a network of like-minded businesses dedicated to supporting the environment. Every one of these businesses is committed to donating one percent of their total annual sales to environmentally-focused nonprofits. To date, this organization has contributed over $175 million toward a clean, sustainable future.

And as a proud member of this group, 1% for the Planet verifies that one percent of our total annual sales goes towards supporting the environment.

Beyond making a beautiful product, the core of our mission is sustainability. One of the most important qualities of our shower curtains are their washability. Our exclusive fabric is waterproof and antimicrobial, yet you can still give it a wash when you want to refresh your space. Not only does this give our product a life in your home far beyond that of the plastic shower curtain, but it can be recycled if you choose to replace it with a new design in the future.


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