bathage presents: The Shower Hour ♫

Episode Eight:  EZ Favorites

Our eighth episode is inspired by Bathage founders' favorite radio station in Maine, 107.1 The Bay | EZ Favorites.

Episode Seven: Daydreaming

DJ Super Savoury serves up some dreamy deep cuts by her favorite divas. 

Episode Six: Mega-hits

In anticipation of summer, DJ Super Savoury serves up just the spicy treats in our sixth episode of The Shower Hour by Bathage.

Episode five: Sade-hour

Our fifth episode is a special edition for when you need Sade for a oh-so-smooth shower.

Episode four: Autumn

Our fourth episode is a mix for long showers during the rainy days of early fall.

Episode three:Hot &Steamy

Our third episode is a mix for steamy showers on hot summer nights.

Episode two: ChillingOut

Our second episode is a mix of sweet reggae tunes to accompany the chillest of showers.

Episode one: Sunshine

Our first episode is full of perfect tunes to start your day - cheerful, upbeat, with just the right amount of energy for the morning hours.